Welcome to How T20-06-10_0410o Get Into Oxbridge where there is advice and guidance about applying to Oxford and Cambridge.

You will find out  how to get started, where to go for more information, how to write a personal statement, what events and open days are taking place, how to go about choosing a college, what you can do to prepare for admission tests and interviews as well as guidance if you are applying from overseas. You will also be able to pick up top tips and advice from current and recent Oxbridge students. If there are still things you are not sure about you might find the answers in the FAQ section.


The aim of this site is to give as many students as possible the information, skills and experience to enable them to make successful applications to Oxbridge.

So, off you go. What are your chances of success?

Well, the only thing that’s certain is if you don’t apply you most definitely won’t get in!

If you don’t apply, you’ll never know.

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