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Preparing to apply



Have a look at Oxford’s lectures on podcasts

Look at what the students say on the Q&A page

Preparation doesn’t just mean reading: look out for items relating to your subject in the media. Listen to Radio 4’s In Our Time; you will find discussions on all Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion and Science. Although the contributors are  leading academics in their field, the discussions are accessible, enlightening and cutting edge. Definitely worth looking through the archive which has over 600 programmes!

Go to The British Library Website or better still go to the British Library!

Look at journals and magazines aimed at A level students as well as publications such as National Geographic, New Scientist, BBC Music magazine, to name a few. Don’t forget great resources like Twitter. You could follow:





@bbcwildlifemag@TED_TALKS@BBCRadio3@BBCPolitics @cambridgeunion@NASA @CERN, @britishmuseum@MusicMagazine@PhysicsWorld ,@Cmdr_Hadfield.

Just a few ideas to get you started!


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